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We love what we do and want to share our passion with you.

Because of our location in Big Sky, we are a year-round guide service, and our guides work in every month of the year, in all types of weather. This means our fly fishing guides log more days on the water than any other Montana fly fishing guides.

With over a hundred years combined guided experience, our crew works with all abilities of anglers. We love guiding beginners and helping them discover fly fishing. Our expertise allows us to work with experienced anglers, offering them new tips and techniques. We know the waters of Montana and can take experienced anglers to all corners of the state, creating a new brand of fly fishing for these seeking new fishing horizons.

All of our guides are licensed with the state of Montana and trained in First Aid and CPR.

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Pat Straub - Owner and Outfitter

Pat Straub - Owner and Outfitter
  • Favorite River: Secret Creeks
  • Favorite Fly: Most folks think the Chubby-Rubby fly combo is my favorite, but it's actually a single Purple Haze in size 16
  • Favorite place for after-fishing cocktail: I could lie to you and list numerous spots, but, anymore, it's a beer on my back deck at home kicking the soccer ball or throwing a baseball with my kids
  • Favorite Steak: El Effe's cut at Stacy's Old Faithful in Gallatin Gateway
  • Best fish ever: My oldest daughter's first Yellowstone Cutthroat trout; Fish with Pat to find out where
  • What I splurge on: Keeping Mama happy, but I have been known to throw money at chasing permit
  • Other than fishing for GRG, where else he'd rather be: With my family floating any river in Montana, but the Gallatin and the Yellowstone are favorites

Jimmy Armijo-Grover - General Manager and Lead Shop Rat

Jimmy Armijo-Grover - General Manager and Lead Shop Rat
  • Favorite River: The Gallatin and Madison are tied for sure. Have spent more time on those rivers than any others. Beautiful places to be.
  • Favorite Fly: I love tying and fishing lots of flies, so hard to pick one. For catching fish it’s a toss up between Pat’s Rubber Legs and a Lightning Bug. But catching fish on salmonflies and spruce moths really gets me excited.
  • Favorite place for after-fishing cocktail: The back deck at Gallatin Riverguides, followed by the Gallatin RiverHouse Grill
  • Best fish ever: I still remember the first few fish I caught as a young man. Those fish and moments led me down this fishy path.
  • Favorite Place to eat in Montana: Breakfast at the Inn on the Gallatin and dinner anywhere close to a fishy river.
  • What I splurge on: Our home that keeps my family in this beautiful place.
  • Other than fishing for GRG, where else he'd rather be: As general manager of GRG I spend most of my days in the shop, so any time on the river is awesome. I love road-tripping just about anywhere in Montana with my wife and daughter.

Shane Stalling - Assistant Manager

Shane Stalling - Assistant Manager
  • Favorite River: The Yellowstone: Every float is different and it is full of good water. If the fishing is slow, the scenery mixed with some beers keeps me smiling
  • Favorite Fly: Parachute Adams, Purple Haze and Elk hair Caddis should all get the job done
  • Favorite place for after-fishing cocktail: It's more of a pre fishing beverage after working in the shop all day. Jump out on the back deck, steal a beer from one of the guides, listen to some fish stories and then go fish once all the trips are off the water
  • Best fish ever: My second day fishing in Iceland while filming "Yow, Icelandic for Yes" with RC Cone. We had access to Beat One on the Hofsa River. Beautiful beat with a massive waterfall and huge cliff walls. After a few swings through the run, finally got a take from a very hot Atlantic Salmon. First time getting into my backing and the third fish of the day in an unreal setting
  • Favorite place to eat in Montana: The Sac Barin Three Forks
  • What you splurge on: Do I need that many steelhead flies? Probably not, but also probably
  • Other than fishing for GRG, where else he'd rather be: Swinging for steelhead in the PNW

Bob Merryman

Bob Merryman
  • Favorite River: All of them
  • Favorite Fly: Sculpin
  • Favorite place for after-fishing cocktail: Home
  • Best fish ever: One I caught on a hot summer day

Trey Brassch

Trey Brassch
  • Favorite River: The Upper Madison tops the list, but the Bighole in the spring is hard to beat
  • Favorite Fly: $3 Dip and anything BIG, nasty and articulated
  • Favorite place for after-fishing cocktail:Melrose Bar in the spring, Buck's T-4 during the summer, and The Edge Bar & Grill in the fall
  • Best fish ever: The last steelhead I landed
  • Favorite place to eat in MontanaGrizzly Barin Cameron, Montana
  • What you splurge on: Spey rods, click and pawl reels, and anything steelhead
  • Other than fishing for GRG, where else he'd rather be: Summer in SW Montana are a fisherman's paradise, but I'd always rather be swinging flies for anadromous fish

Mike Donaldson

Mike Donaldson
  • Favorite River: Madison, Yellowstone, Gallatin
  • Favorite Fly: Big streamers or the Slippery Taco
  • Favorite place for after-fishing cocktail:Happy Hour near Hebgen Lake
  • Best fishing memory: Fishing the Hexagenia hach in the middle of the night on the AuSable River with my brother Nick and my Dad when we were little kids
  • Favorite Place to eat in Montana: Breakfast at the Bugaboo Cafe
  • What I splurge on: Flies, Fishing Gear, and Cold Drinks
  • Other than fishing for GRG, where else he'd rather be: Fishing for permit in Belize

Josh Osborn

Josh Osborn
  • Favorite River: In a boat, the mighty Yellowstone River. If on foot it's the Gallatin hands down.
  • Favorite Fly: How do you pick just one?... A big streamer in the spring, a grasshopper in the mid-summer, a Green Butt Skunk skated at the surface in fall. And a Lighting Bug will always save the day.
  • Favorite place for after-fishing cocktail: The Happy Hour bar on the shores of Hebgen Lake. And if you're coming off the Yellowstone, the Murray Bar in Livingston.
  • Best fish ever: Whether it's the first trout on the dry fly, or my first steelhead on the swing, or the first carp. The first one is always memorable. My first giant tarpon kicked my butt for 40 minutes but I landed it and released it and I'll never forget it.
  • Favorite place to eat in Montana: The River House for BBQ ribs or Buck's T-4 for a steak.
  • What you splurge on: Always try the chicken fried steak.
  • Other than fishing for GRG, where else would you rather be: Swinging flies to anadromous fish with a good rain jacket and a PBR; or chasing silver kings with lots of rum punch and sunscreen.

Max Anderson

Max Anderson
  • Favorite River: Definitely the Yellowstone.
  • Favorite Fly: Anything with a green butt.
  • Favorite place for after-fishing cocktail: The Murray Bar... By far!
  • Best fish ever: A steelhead cartwheeling down river.
  • Favorite Place to eat in Montana: Anywhere a greasy burger is served near a river.
  • What I splurge on: Flies, flies, and more flies. And maybe fly rods...
  • Other than fishing for GRG, where else he'd rather be: Standing in a rising steelhead river at the top of the first run of the day.

Drew Hay

Drew Hay
  • Favorite River: As long as there is water, good friends, and fish eating, the where isn't the important part
  • Favorite Fly: Something big, flashy, and tasty
  • Favorite place for after-fishing cocktail: You'll find me at Fiesta Mexicana: Big portions, friendly staff, and great prices
  • Best fish ever: You wouldn't believe me anyways
  • Favorite place to eat in MontanaYork Bar: Best burgers you can find
  • What you splurge on: I tend to spend all my money on hunting gear and flies
  • Other than fishing for GRG, where else he'd rather be: Chasing Browns or chasing elk

Blake Majors

Blake Majors
  • Favorite River: Big Hole or Yellowstone
  • Favorite Fly: Pink Pookie
  • Best fish ever: 42" Redfish in South Texas
  • Favorite place to eat in MontanaRib and Chop House
  • Other than fishing for GRG, where else he'd rather be: Sitting on a tropical beach having a rum drink after a good day of fishing on the flats

Rick Fancher

Rick Fancher
  • Favorite River: Missouri, but the Gallatin is my heart and soul
  • Favorite Fly: Purple Haze and Zebra Midge
  • Favorite place for after-fishing cocktail: For the Yellowstone, the Murray Hotel; the Gallatin, the RiverHouse Bar & Grill or Lone Peak Brewery; the Madison, the Happy Hour Bar; on the Missouri, it's Izaak's
  • Best fish ever: 24" Rainbow on the Missouri with a Zebra midge
  • Favorite place to eat in Montana: Breakfast at the Corral
  • What you splurge on: Fishing gear
  • Other than fishing for GRG, where else he'd rather be: Touring the Rocky Mountains with a teardrop camper exploring all the great fishing to be had, or shooting gophers in my back yard

Mike Lanzarini

Mike Lanzarini
  • Favorite River: Upper Madison
  • Favorite Fly: Galloups Barely Legal
  • Favorite place for after-fishing cocktail: Back Deck at Gallatin River Guides, talking about the day with like minded folks.
  • Best fish ever: Maybe the next one??? I’ve caught many awesome big fish, but it’s hard to think my best fish ever is in the past, and not the future.
  • Favorite Place to eat in Montana: Gallatin Riverhouse Grill, hands down...
  • What I splurge on: Rods, reels, of all weights and sizes, but most importantly, fly line. Having good fly line, in good condition makes all the difference to me.
  • Other than fishing for GRG, where else he'd rather be: Swinging flies on PNW coastal rivers, sitting in the duck blind, or throwing big ugly streamers with other guides in the off season.

Michael Kmon

Michael Kmon
  • Favorite river: South fork of the Flathead within the Bob Marshall Wilderness.
  • Favorite fly: The one they're eating!
  • Favorite place for after-fishing cocktail: My backyard.
  • Best fish: Either my first tarpon on fly caught and landed by myself or my first Atlantic salmon on fly in Gaspe' Canada.
  • Favorite place to eat: Dave's sushi in Bozeman.
  • Splurge on: Fishing gear, good food, live music, and the people I care about.
  • Other than fishing for GRG, where else he'd rather be: I honestly wouldn't want to be working anywhere else than at GRG and in SW Montana, but standing on the front of a flats skiff is always an appealing idea!

Kimberly Smith

Kimberly Smith
  • Favorite River: The Yellowstone River has my heart.
  • Favorite Fly: The Sheila Sculpin.
  • Favorite place for after-fishing cocktail: The Molly Brown for a little shuffle board and beer.
  • Best fish ever: A big brown from the Big Hole. We watched him feeding and it took at least 30 drifts and 5 bugs before he ate it.
  • Favorite place to eat in Montana: Backcountry Burger Bar.
  • What you splurge on: Fly tying stuff. Everyone says it will save you money...it will not.
  • Other than fishing for GRG, where else would you rather be: Anywhere I can ski and fish.

Kelly Harrison

Kelly Harrison
  • Favorite River: Clark Fork, anywhere from Warm Springs to Superior.
  • Favorite Fly: Kreelex Minnow.
  • Favorite place for after-fishing cocktail: Charlie B’s in Missoula.
  • Best fishing memory: Chasing caddis hatches as a kid.
  • Favorite place to eat in Montana: Trixies Antler Saloon after a day of fishing the Box.
  • What you splurge on: Trick out my raft.
  • Other than fishing for GRG, where else would you rather be: Somewhere on the west-side of the Divide fishing a lesser known river.

Kara Tripp

Kara Tripp
  • Favorite River: South Fork of the Flathead River.
  • Favorite Fly: Mercer’s Missing Link.
  • Favorite place for after-fishing cocktail: Beehive Brewery.
  • Best fishing memory: O. m. mykiss in Kamchatka
  • Favorite place to eat in Montana: Gallatin River Lodge or Open Range.
  • What you splurge on: Anything that requires a good spey cast.
  • Other than fishing for GRG, where else would you rather be: Standing in a steelhead river.

Lindsay Koenig

Lindsay Koenig
  • Favorite River: The Gallatin, as that’s what I grew up fishing!
  • Favorite Fly: Juju Baetis, I only named my dog after it.
  • Favorite place for after-fishing cocktail: Montana Ale Works for their Huckleberry Mule.
  • Best fishing ever:  A 26 inch rainbow trout landed in Chile, after sight fishing to it with a micro chubby. It’s the best for other reasons aside from that too!
  • Favorite Place to eat in Montana: Five Guys Burgers and Fries in Bozeman! And the Copper Whiskey Bar.
  • What I splurge on: On my pets!
  • Other than fishing for GRG, where else he'd rather be: On the water with my Dad and the dogs.

Josh Roberson

Josh Roberson
  • Favorite River: Yellowstone/Big Hole Tie
  • Favorite Fly: Delektable Lil’ Spanker
  • Favorite place for after-fishing cocktail: Katabatic Brewing Co. in Livingston
  • Best fish ever: Big rainbow on a tiny fly that sent me running down the banks of the Beartrap Canyon circa 2014
  • Favorite Place to eat in Montana: Open Range in Bozeman
  • What I splurge on: Good food, craft beer, ski season
  • Other than fishing for GRG, where else he'd rather be: Backpacking in Yellowstone or the Bob Marshall Wilderness

Peter Bakun

Peter Bakun
  • Favorite River: Lower Madison in winter, spring and summer Gallatin, early June Kvichak in Alaska and fall Madison in Yellowston National Park.
  • Favorite Fly: #16 Beadhead Pheasant Tail Emerger.
  • Best fish ever: Lots of fish come to mind, but any fish on small dry fly.
  • Favorite place to eat in Montana: Sir Scotts Oasis in Manhattan, MT.
  • What do I splurge on: Bird hunting in the fall with our 4 Brittany's.
  • Where would I rather be: If it's August fishing the salmon egg hatch on the Kvichak

Maggie Mae Stone

Maggie Mae Stone
  • Favorite River: Upper Madison.
  • Favorite Fly: Rogue Foam Stone Salmon Fly.
  • Favorite place for after-fishing cocktail: Gravel Bar in Ennis or Pony Bar in Pony.
  • Best fishing memory:  My first float trip on the Yellowstone. We got ‘em.
  • Favorite place to eat in Montana: Land O Magic in Logan.
  • What you splurge on: Time spent chasing four-legged, antler-bearing mammals.
  • Other than fishing for GRG, where else would you rather be: Crawling the mountains for big critters.

Josh Berry

Josh Berry
  • Favorite River: Gallatin, no doubt. It's tough to think of a more perfect trout river.
  • Favorite Fly: Hare's Ear for a nymph. X-Caddis for a dry. Wooly Bugger for a streamer. In reality there are way too many to choose from.
  • Favorite place for after-fishing cocktail: Either my back porch or The Broken Spoke.
  • Best fishing memory:  Each one is special in its own way, but there are two that I will never forget. My first steelhead caught on the swing, and the first cutthroat I caught after moving out West.
  • Favorite place to eat in Montana: Stacey's Old Faithful Bar and Steakhouse in Gallatin Gateway.
  • What you splurge on: Flies, fly rods, fly reels, fly tying. Nordic skis. Backpacking gear. Cold beer.
  • Other than fishing for GRG, where else would you rather be: Travelling the world to fish new water and catch new fish.

Why isn't my guide listed?

Well, the guides listed above are considered our “core guides” and work mostly for Gallatin River Guides and maybe a few other folks. Most Montana fly fishing guides are independent contractors and work for a variety of outfitters.

When all of our core group guides are booked, which happens most days during our peak season, we have created a large stable of extremely qualified, professional fishing guides and outfitters who work for us and other shops and outfitters. We personally vet all of our Montana fly fishing guides.

These guides will work very hard for you and ensure you have a great time on the water. We hold our non-core guides to the same high standard as our core guides. Fish with them. You’ll be glad you did.